Grand Mass Debator (GM)

Been a hasher since 2014 and our GM since August 2020

Often to be seen peddling round the World, is he mad? Yes he's...



Religious Adviser (RA)

This smooth legged FRB (Front Running Bastard!) is the one to beat!  Make sure he is obeyed or prepare to  face the consequences! Don't argue with ...

Skid Marc

All the Way.jpg

This Lancashire Lass will teach you how to behave, and woe betide any naughty students.  She has connections. You could be going down down!


All The Way

Deputy GM

Deputy GM

Don't let this quiet, shy, unassuming Harriet fill up your car, she doesn't know the difference between Gasolina & Gasoleo!  She's a ...

Diesel Dyke


Deputy RA

Deputy RA

This joke telling Hasher, laughs loudest at his often appalling jokes! Why?  Well don't stand down wind of him EVER unless you want a whiff of his ...


Evening All!

Forever keeping us on the straight and narrow, this Kenwood Chef, loves to mix things up!



Song Meister

Hare Razor

Just don't ask him to sing, he never knows the words, or the tune and will never stop!  Now singalong .......
"Why was he born so beautiful, why was he born at all. He's no ******* use to anyone, he's no ******* at all!!!"

Just Don't Call Me Shurley

As her name implies does she really?? 

Rumour has it she comes a lot more than that!! 
Make sure you volunteer to be a Hare or she will hunt you down!

Comes Now and Then

Barlick Bitch.jpg


Hash Cash

The Coco Chanel of the AHHH, she will style you ready for the Catwalk, well for messing about in fields and hills anyway.  Don't volunteer to run with her, she can go for miles and miles and miles!!!!

Barlick Bitch

She likes to ride her Bicycle, she likes to ride her Bike!

Keeping a tight hold

on the Hash Purse Strings

until it's time for a Party of course! Its...

Dope Pedaller


Hash Stats

Hash Mascot

He will tell you how many Hashes you have done and let the whole hash know what a no life, sad person you really are! 

Sh' I.T.

Keep alert for this Cock

hitting the floor. 

Beware the last man standing!!