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And the Goats just keep on coming!!!

Run 1971 - Monday 28th September 2020 - Hare = Arselicker

I'm wondering what happened to the old Arselicker during "Lockdown", since he has been let out he has set not just one, but three very well marked trails with lots of flour and arrows, nobody getting lost, previously unheard of!! Well I say no-one got lost but due to a technical hitch 3 hashers didn't even make it to the start, that's a Down Down for the Hare in the circle for sure!

This week's was a great walk in Tor taking in much of the Estações de Biodiversidade, check out this You Tube video to know more about this trail,

A fabulous unspoilt trail through vineyards, olive groves & dry river beds, well worthy of the 0.99 average score, awarded by Deputy GM, Diesel Dyke. Ended at the Hare's house, a very quiet circle of 8 awarded the Bones to Comes Now & Then after she confessed to getting away with wearing new shoes last week!


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