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Dog Woman's gone Nuts!

Run 1972 - Sunday 4th October - Hare = Just don't call me Shurley

Well it was certainly a Game of two halves, this week, well a Hash of two halves anyway, with Shurley finding a solution to having two groups of 10, in line with the Covid restrictions. So the Red team and the Blue team set off separately and followed a trail starting from the Fonte da Lagoa da Nave in Nave do Barão, north of Loule. We climbed, and climbed up and up until we reached Nave das Mealhas, then it was a saunter across the top of the hill and down again to the Beer Stop. Shurley had commissioned his Caravan (it's not a f*** caravan!!) as the "refreshments" truck and Dog Woman turned into Squirrel Nutkin, smashing open Almonds between two rocks to feed us hungry Hashers. Back to the start and two separate circles, which kept the GM fit travelling between the two! In the Red team ex GM and Hashing legend, King Sir Sir James, entertained us as Deputy RA, with the Mrs Murphy song:

"Take it in your hand, Mrs. Murphy! It only weighs a quarter of a pound. It’s got a hairy neck like a turkey And it spits when you shake it up and Down-Down-Down"

A great afternoon out and a great start to our Sunday hashes!

On On!

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