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Dope Pedallers Hash Mish Mash

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Dope Pedaller set a great route for the Monday 14th Sept hash but made the fatal mistake of delegating the marking of the first half to Cyclopath who had to mark it in the reverse direction to when he walked it while recceing. He also had to mark the runners loop and there were overlapping sections of the route. This was all too much for Cyclopaths tiny brain and instead of coming he went... round the bend. Arrows in the wrong direction, arrows eaten by goats. The upshot was that the hounds went free range ending up at the top of Quinta das Raposeiras hill and way off track. Back at the beer stop Dope Pedaller was getting frantic. Not to worry the all got home, but the second half had to be abandoned. We can all guess who got the "Bones" this week - yup, Cyclopath!

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