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Sh' I.T.ies Amble Around Querenca

Only seven hashers actually turned up today so the hash was a very muted affair and ended up being more of a good amble through the Querenca countryside in 28 degree heat. There were no runners and the lazy walking hashers couldn't even be arsed to complete the checks. The hare gave in to the pressure and more or less led the hash all the way round. Even KSSJ didn't moan about the hills too much. Of course Breaking Glass moaned all the way about the lack of "real beer". Fortunately Sh' I.T. had a secret stash for the desperados.

The Circle witnessed some truly appalling behaviour, led by the GM who sanctioned a sitting circle that basically ended up being a chat amongst friends. The it was all up to the bar in Querenca for a well deserved, real beer! Still a good time was had by all and after a couple of beers it was time for home! Unfortunately the GM who's simple job was to do the blog failed to even take a single photo so we put this up to remind you hashers of the the lovely Querenca.

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