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We're going to Party like it's 1999

Sunday's 1999 Hash along the cliffs of Lagos was memorable in lot's of ways!! Firstly and most importantly it was the Hare's Birthday, so Parabéns to 3rd World Kiddy Fiddler on her last Hash before returning to Luxemborg (or so we thought at the time, she had such a good day, she has now decided to stay a little longer).

Parabéns a você,

Nesta data querida,

Muitas felicidades,

Muitos anos de vida!

Secondly the "On In" trail was a little challenging in places to say the least, and some Hashers have only just stopped sweating and shaking I can tell you!!

Thirdly we had two Beer Stops, always welcome on any Hash and more than likely the idea of the Hare's partner Chuckafucka, who is no stranger to a Beer or two, or three, but then again we are a Drinking Club with a Running problem after all!!

It really was a great Hash, with lovely views and finished off with Sausage Butties and Chocolate Cake, what's not to like!! Can't wait to do it all again next week for our very special 2000 Hash of the Algarve Hash House Harriers.

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