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A Family Affair

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

It was a real family affair for Run 2004's Hare, Just Roy, on Sunday 3th February in the rolling hills of Salir, with lot's of his relations present to witness his Christening.

Cast of Characters:

Uncle = Just Roy, here being christened Pissalot (because he does!!)

Sister = Just Ann, now christened "Thirza Tosh"

Brother in Law = Just Dennis, now christened "Dodgy Den"

Niece = Comes Now & Then (Catering Manager)

Niece's Husband = Knob Nailer (Beer Wagon)

As it was the day before Valentine's Day, we were all resplendent in Red, although Charlotte the Harlot seemed to have forgot the order her clothes went on!

The rain washed away some of the markings, and one or two parts of the trail were missed, and one or two hashers may have got a little lost, but the now traditional, flour on Dog S*** managed to survive to lead everyone to the On In!!!

The Deputy GM, Diesel Dyke, and Deputy RA, Methane did an excellent job in the circle, 3 christenings, Limericks, Jokes and Songs from the Song Meister, Just don't call me Shurley, and as the afternoon drew to a close the beautiful sunset came over all Valentine's just for us.

EOn On to next week when there just might be two more christenings as Just Rene and Just Mike break their Haring cherries!

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