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Well she was a Virgin Hare!

Step forward Butt Naked, and her first outing as a Hare in the hills of Bordeira.

It really was a case of "start as you mean to go on" when many of the Hash couldn't even find the start and we didn't even see Pull It Off For Me and So Can't Cheong until we got back!!

Following Pink or Grey flour, and various colours of chalk set it's own challenges and at one point the whole Hash were following pissy bits of toilet roll, well who knows she could have used them to mark the trail, anything was possible!

Finally we all got back to the end of the trail and the Circle was filled with jokes and songs, and even rude gestures from 3rd World Kiddy Fiddler who had all the male hashers practically drooling with her joke about enhancing one's bosom!

Butt Naked redeemed herself by providing a slap up supper with a little help from her kitchen slave.

A truly memorable Hash! Well done Butt Naked, we can't wait for the next one!


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