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A triumphant return!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

At last, after weeks of restrictions meant no Hashing for the AHHH, we returned on Sunday afternoon for a stroll around Bordeira's hills.

Our Hare, Dope Peddlar, managed to lose half the hash before we even started and when her other half (note not better half!), went to find these lost souls in the Beer Truck, leaving all those who were intelligent enough to understand the directions Beer bereft, we soon were reminded what we had been missing all these weeks!!

Thankfully the great trail, beautiful views and hash cameraderie soon compensated for the delayed start, coupled with the welcome return of hash grub, an excellent Pork, Chorizo and bean stew.

Speaking of lost souls, our esteemed RA, Skid Marc, has had to resign from his hash duties, due to the fact that he actually has a life, and so standing in this week was Just Don't Call Me Shurley, who filled the gap in his own inimitable way!

We also picked up a new hasher on the way round and after following us for almost 4 kms and joining in the circle, our dog rescue service, in the fine form of Florescent Fanny, managed to drop him back off where we picked him up from so all was well.

A triumphant return to hashing at long last!

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