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Bravetart's Flour Eating Goats!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Run Number 1970 - Monday 21st September, 2020 - Hare = Bravetart

With only 10 attendees, as per the Covid-19 guidelines, the RA, with the help of Beep Beep and his 2m long stick ensured we all kept our Social Distance for Bravetart's lovely trail around Gorjoes, near Loule. For once the Hare told the truth and there were no hills nor any checks, so a nice easy Hash, or so you would think. Unfortunately as we meandered around the Goat trails it was evident that the Goat's have a penchant for Flour as in many places it had disappeared! Step in Nozzle Jockey who fashioned an arrow our of Aloe Vera leaves and we only managed to lose the RA (Skid Marc) and Just Don't Call Me Shurley, which should have given the Hare extra points in my book! With an average score of 0.99, even with delightful nibbles at the end, and no I'm not talking about the Goats again!!, it was a fabulous trail with great company as always. ON ON to next week.

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